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The Weekly Review

With another hot week coming to a close, here’s a quick recap of everything that went down in the last week at Philcoin. Make sure you’re following us closely, as there’s some BIG news ahead!

1. PHILCast live

Whether you’re a seasoned Philcoin investor or just getting started, PHILCast has everything you need to stay informed and ahead of the curve. Get the inside scoop on all things crypto, blockchain and tech with PHILCast, the ultimate Philcoin community resource. Download/update your PHILApp now!

2. PHILEducation coming soon!

Are you ready to take your skills to the next level? We’re thrilled to announce PHILEducation is launching next week! This comprehensive resource is designed to help you develop not just your soft skills but also personal and professional skills. So, mark your calendar for next week’s launch and stay tuned for more information on how to access PHILEducation.

3. Blog – DeFi VS CeFi

This blog dives into the key differences between decentralized finance (Defi) and centralized finance (CEFI) and explores the pros and cons of each financial system.  Click here to read more!

4. We’ve been featured on Coinpedia

“Navigating The Crypto Market During Economic Uncertainty: How Some Projects Thrive”

Despite the bear market, Philcoin was mentioned as a key project that provides a ray of hope to investors and the global population. The article credits Philcon’s innovation in changing the way giving happens.

5. NFT rewards

Ready to take your Philcoin experience to the next level? We’re thrilled to announce that the Philcoin’s NFT referral program is launching soon! With this new program, you’ll have the opportunity to earn exclusive Philcoin NFTs by referring your friends and family to join the Philcoin community.

6. Latest podcast episode

In this special episode, Philcoin’s CBO Denis Murphy takes over the microphone and records the first LIVE episode from the Dubai office. He is joined by tech and crypto advocate Steven Worobec. Steven has extensive experience in tech and marketing and has worked with organizations like Careem, Ducklife and NoBueno.

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