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What the press said about Philcoin in December

Here’s a summary of our press coverage over the month of December.
December was another fantastic month for Philcoin as we were listed on one of the leading exchanges in the world: Bitmart. This partnership kicked exposes the world’s first and only philanthropic token to millions of users. This news reached multiple publications, which had the below to say about the partnership and a lot more:
Philcoin listed on Bitmart, a Global Exchange with over 9 Million Users
Published on Coincheckup.com, Dasfinance.info, Thenewscrypto.com, Investing.com, Reddit.com & Fr.techtribune.net
“Even at the depth of the bear market from November 2021, by mid-Q4 2022, Bitmart had, on average, $223 million in trading volumes as traders and investors found opportunities in quality crypto projects of which Philcoin stands out”
Web3 is redefining the ‘digital divide’ paradigm, here is how

Published on Bitcoinethereumnews.com & Cryptopoliton.com
“In fact, there are many blockchain platforms today that are thriving to bridge the aforementioned digital divide. Philcoin, for instance, provides actionable charity through its endeavors to improve literacy and human empowerment. The core purpose of the project is to help provide the necessary tools to those individuals across the planet who do not have/cannot afford meaningful access to the internet.”
5 Projects Forging Ahead Despite Bear Market

Published on Bitcoininsider.org & Reddit.com

“The world’s first global philanthropic token, Philcoin, must be on your list if you, as an investor, want to invest in this harsh falling market. The native cryptocurrency is an award-winning philanthropic movement in the blockchain ecosystem whose aim is to design a global interactive ecosystem where people can make money while using goods and services that are connected to the Internet of Things (such as social media, television, and communication tools).”

A Closer Look at Why Bear Markets Are The Best Time to Buy Into Crypto
Published on Publish0x.com
“To elaborate, through Philcoin, the global unbanked population — estimated at around 1.7B individuals — can gain access to quality financial services while also being able to garner digital wealth using several different venues. Lastly, owing to the fact that the project is built on the blockchain, its smart contracts are available for everyone to scrutinize.”

Philcoin to Allow Digital Asset Investors to Donate to Charities
Published on Crowdfundinsider.com & Cryptobuyingtips.com

“Philcoin takes a firm stand “during the bear market to help crypto users understand the opportunities that exist.”
Despite the controversies in the news, Philcoin aims “to educate users on how the market conditions present unparalleled buying opportunities.”
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