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What does it mean to buy the dip?

It’s when a temporary price decline presents an opportunity to buy Philcoin tokens at a bargain price. So now’s your chance to join the world’s largest philanthropic movement – and here’s how…

1. Via PHILApp through a debit/credit card
You can buy Philcoin directly through PHILApp using your credit or debit card. Read this blog for the easy instructions.

2. Bitmart Exchange
Our most recent listing is Bitmart, one of the leading exchanges. Learn how to buy Philcoin in this webinar recording.

One of the most popular methods to purchase Philcoin is through MEXC! Watch this complete tutorial on YouTube.

4. Pancakeswap
For all you DEX fans! Here are the detailed instructions on how to purchase via Pancakeswap!

So, download PHILApp, create your wallet and buy the dip today!

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