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Reflections on the crypto industry in 2022

By Jerry Lopez, CEO and Founder of Philcoin

What a year 2022 has been! From the euphoric highs to the devastating lows, 2022 has taught many to manage their emotions when it comes to the markets. As we approach 2023, I want to thank the community, our Philcoin team, brand ambassadors, family and friends for their continued support and faith in our philanthropic ecosystem. It’s been an amazing year for Philcoin — and next year, we continue to rise together.

As a leader, I feel it’s important to reflect on the year and what it’s taught us so we can go into the next year equipped with the knowledge and strength needed to fulfil our purpose of changing the way giving happens. Here’s my personal round-up of 2022, its key events and learnings. I hope it puts the crypto space into perspective and encourages you all to continue HODLing through the storm.

1. Volatility will always be here. Manage your emotions.

Crypto was never meant to be easy, it was meant to be sovereign. We are a parallel opportunity to what people around the world call financial opportunity. However, it’s main purpose is to spearhead innovative solutions of which some are years ahead of its time. There will be opposition. There will be periods when supply overshadows demand, and vice versa. The long-term goal should remain at the forefront.

2. Scam projects are coming out the shadows. Keep your eyes open.

There’ve been numerous projects that have caused scandal for lack of infrastructure, utility, and integrity. I believe that it’s not over yet, and there will be other projects that will be purged such as those that have already been exposed. Someone will find this negative but the truth is that it’s necessary. Not only necessary, but eye-opening so that people are better educated in making decisions as to what projects really bring value to bridge the gap between technology and humanity. Don’t let the news of doom and gloom take away from the possibilities of prosperity and wealth.

3. There is greater need than ever for philanthropic efforts.

Looking beyond the markets, the world is in dire need of change. There are ongoing wars, hunger crises, natural disasters, massive global wealth disparities, environmental issues, and more. We need to change the way giving happens — and blockchain is the answer to make this happen swiftly, transparently and efficiently.

4. Technological solutions are creating major competition.

With the advancement of Web 3.0, technology and innovation will continue to drive competition within traditional sectors. In 2022, we saw hotel chains, airlines, supermarkets, food franchises, and more, adopt blockchain as a solution. The products and services you’re using today are very likely to change for the better in 2023 — be open to the change or be left behind.

5. Business leaders are under pressure to be at the forefront of their businesses.

With the need for more human-focused projects, users are looking to projects where their leaders are transparent voices of advocacy, education and change. Projects without proper visible leadership will struggle to stay afloat. As CEO and Founder of Philcoin I will say this: I am not perfect, nor will I ever be. I will make mistakes along the way. I will try my best every time to make certain that our community thrives and gets the best of us as a project. Having said that, you will always receive from me a willing heart to change the world by changing the way giving happens, starting with you and all our readers.

It is my personal opinion that 2023 will bring drastic change. There will be renewed optimism in the markets, and we will begin to see a more positive outlook on the crypto space. It’s only a matter of time that crypto will be fully embraced for the humanitarian solution that it is and I am thankful Philcoin can say it has stood for that purpose since its inception.

I wish you all a very happy New Year and I look forward to rising above the controversies of 2022 — wiser, stronger, more resilient than ever.

Best wishes,
Jerry Lopez
CEO of Philcoin

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