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Top 22 things of 2022 – Philcoin’s Yearly Review

With 2022 coming to a close, we’re extremely proud of all that was achieved in this chapter. From numerous listings on exchanges to helping bank the unbanked, 2022 has brought us one step closer to building an ecosystem that changes the way giving happens.

Here’s a yearly round-up of the top 22 milestones that we achieved this year.
1. 15TH March – Listing on Coingecko.
Official price listing on Coingecko

2. 20th March – Listing on Pancakeswap.
Official exchange listing on Pancakeswap

3. 22nd March –
Listing on Coinmarketcap.
Official price listing on Coinmarketcap

4. 23rd March – Listing on Crypto.com.
Official price listing on Crypto.com

5. 20th April – Listing on MEXC.
Official price listing on MEXC

6. 25TH April – Listing on Binance.
Official price listing on Binance

7. 4th May – Touchdown in Puerto Rico.
Event in Puerto Rico

8. 5th May – Bloomberg and Bitcoinst feature.
Featured in leading PR publication Bloomberg and Bitcoinst

9. 9th May – Shekinah talk show.
Event in Haiti

10. 3rd June – Touchdown in Panama.
Event in Panama

11. 16th June – iPad competition.
Free iPad giveaway competition

12. 27th June – Touchdown in Costa Rica.
Event in Cost Rica

13. 28th June – PHILCast goes live!
Philcoin’s weekly podcast goes live

14. 4th July – Touchdown in South Africa.
Event in South Africa

15. 12th July – Yahoo Finance PR.
Featured in leading PR publication Yahoo Finance

16. 13th July – Touchdown in Miami.
Entrepreneurship workshop with Philcoin’s Executive Director – Rosalina Rivera

17. 1st September – Cointelegraph PR.
Featured in leading PR publication Cointelegraph

18. 15th November – AIBC Malta.
Event at AIBC Malta

19. 17th November – PHILApp relaunch.
Re-launch of PHILApp, bigger and better than ever before!

20. 18TH November – Indacoin partnership.
Partnership with payment gateway iNDACOIN, to buy/sell PHL via a credit or debit card

21. 28th November – Touchdown in Miami 2.0
Event at Decentral Miami

22. 1st December – Listing on Bitmart.
Official exchange listing on Bitmart

And 2022 was just the beginning for us! We wish everyone a wonderful end of the year and look forward to re-connecting in 2023.

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