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What the press said about Philcoin in November

Here’s a summary of our press coverage over the month of November.

November was an exciting month for Philcoin as we kicked off our partnership with Indacoin, a leading payment gateway provider. The collaboration will now allow debit/credit card holders to purchase $PHL tokens in PHILApp in over 180 different countries. This hot news reached multiple publications, which had the below to say:

Philcoin Partners with Indacoin to Enhance Blockchain-Powered Charity 

“The agreement also prompted a seamless integration within Philcoin’s decentralized application called PHILApp, which presents a host of products and features with a donate-and-earn element meant to teach users how to give.”


Philcoin and Indacoin to Joinly Work on Fostering Blockchain-Based Charity

“The arrangement also resulted in a smooth integration inside Philcoin’s decentralized application, PHILApp, which offers a variety of goods and functions along with a donate-and-earn component designed to educate users how to contribute.”

PHILApp Updates, Releases a Payment Gateway for Users to Quickly Buy Tokens

“In the new deal, users would, anywhere in the world, use their debit or credit cards to purchase Philcoin’s tokens. This integration would hugely impact the token’s liquidity, especially during the current bear cycle that has seen the crypto market’s liquidity contract. Purchased Philcoin tokens can be staked, with stakers receiving up to 15 percent APY.”

Philcoin, the Philanthropic Blockchain Ecosystem, Teams Up with Indacoin, a Fiat-to-Crypto Gateway

“Philcoin’s philanthropic ecosystem is focused on addressing two key challenges. The first challenge is that a third of the global population is currently residing in disadvantaged areas and they don’t have reliable access to the Internet. The second issue is that many consumers have lost confidence in the conventional charitable sector as many donations get lost along the way or are simply unaccounted for.”

PHILApp by Philcoin Releases New Updates Easing the Donation Process

“Philcoin is at the forefront of restoring confidence and faith in the multi-million donation industry. By tapping the blockchain, it becomes effortless for participants to track how funds are used and whether their donation positively impacts intended recipients. Besides improving transparency, the Philcoin project empowers end users, enabling them to take financial sovereignty.”

Philcoin Makes Decentralized Donations Easier With Indacoin Partnership

“With free skill development courses, PhilApp can help people learn to become accredited individuals or accredited training providers. It also offers 15% APY in a first-of-a-kind staking mechanism where donations can help users earn staking rewards. In addition, there is an NFT-based reward program called Give and Get NFT which rewards those who successfully refer the app to their friends, acquaintances, and family.”

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