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Philcoin X Indacoin Live Twitter AMA

We were thrilled to have our LIVE AMA on Twitter with our friends at Indacoin for our community on Wednesday, 9th of November, 2022, with our Founder and CEO, Jerry Lopez, and our Chief Marketing Officer, Tatum April. We were truly blown away by the response we received, and for that, we are so grateful.

For those who missed out, here is the Q&A segment:

Indacoin tweet: Drop your questions in this thread to participate

Philcoin team will answer them at 4:00 PM UTC

The $350 prize pool will be divided among the 5 best questions

Learn more about @Philcoin_com: http://philcoin.io

Q — @Harsh96933865: How is Philcoin different from other projects and what problem does Philcoin try to solve?

@Jerrymlopez: Philcoin is a Philanthropy based ecosystem that is designed to help the average person earn rewards on an app that pays you in PHL for using it. it is a way to bring a digital economy in areas where an additional 50 dollars can make a difference in a family. Peer to Peer giving.

Q — @kriptofili: Where does the “PHILCOIN “ name come from? And What motivated you to start this project?

@Jerrymlopez: Philcoin was born out of a desire Ive had as a kid to change the way giving happens. I believe that GIVING is not only a way to lock in the universe on your behalf for doing good deeds but it also brings out the best in people.

Q — @spanser77: Considering that you have a large number of opponents, can you share with us a few killing features that make you superior to them? What are strengths that enable you to look to the future with hope?

@Jerrymlopez: Hello Rey. Thank You for your question. Right now philcoin is the only peer to peer philanthropy ecosystem on the blockchain that serves a purpose of giving back. With our PhilAPP, we are creating a game changing place where people will earn in all aspects simply by downloading.

Q — @spanser77: What are the strongest benefits of your project that you think will lead your team to a better market?

@Jerrymlopez: We believe that our Philanthropy App in itself is a unique ecosystem that allows people to give back while they also earn rewards. Being in a Bear market makes the project strong because in this crypto winter, we are showing how strong we are as a company by being stable.

Q — @NurulFahmiRama1: Its there any way to earning $PHL token for using PHILAPP?

@Jerrymlopez: Yes there are. The Philapp has Staking, Referral program, Education being launched where people will be rewarded for studying. The app is an incubator of Donate to Earn opportunities. It will allow you to earn and give back.

Q — @earning_ship: How can you ensure for us that holding/ Staking PHILCOIN token is more beneficial for long-term and what is your plan to increase the demand and scarcity of the token

@Jerrymlopez: Great question. like any real project in the blockchain, there is a system of growth that has been a pattern for every mayor project. If you want to really see potential in a project, the average is 2yrs of the projects maturity if you want to see a companies potential.

Q — @Savage66134352: What is philcoin planning for the betterment for the project?

@Jerrymlopez: Philcoin is about to launch its upgraded branding and eco system some time this month. As well as some exchange launches. We have a great Development team working around the clock to bring more peer to peer giving and earning with our partners

Q — @CryptoRhino_: Are there any options to stake philcoin ?

@Jerrymlopez: yes. on the Philapp you will have the opportunity to stake and while doing so, give back.

Q — @CryptoRhino_: Can I invite my friends to download the $phl coin app with a invite code ?

@Jerrymlopez: when you download the PHILApp, do your KYC process, you will find that one of the greatest parts of our ecosystem is the referral part. You will earn for sharing and you will also be able to give back while doing so.

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