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Philcoin snatches up bear market opportunities and launches on Bitmart exchange to millions of crypto users

What bear market? Philcoin is changing the way crypto users view and respond to the current market conditions – making major moves to show crypto users that the time is now to boost your wealth and build your future!

In the latest of Philcoin’s big reveals, we are proud to announce we officially listed on Bitmart, one of the leading exchanges, which exposes the world’s first and only philanthropic token to millions of users. 

Commenting on Philcoin’s news during the current market conditions, Founder and CEO Jerry Lopez said, “This bear market is more of a purge of the projects that lack transparency and which do not meet the standards and overall purpose of crypto and blockchain. I like to look at this market as a bonsai tree. The tree cannot grow without being pruned. Its leaves and branches are cut from the top to give space for the bottom to grow. It’s finally time for companies with integrity, real intentions and human-focused ambitions to help the industry grow safely and demonstrate what they have planned for this next decade in blockchain.”

Despite the controversies in the news, we aim to help users understand how the market conditions present unparalleled buying opportunities. With our listing on Bitmart, we will reach millions of users across hundreds of countries to create greater adoption, expand our communities and catalyze our philanthropic movement. Imagine what that will mean for our early PHILNation members who buy in now? Imagine the wealth potential when we have even greater adoption!

Soon, we will be announcing the launch of our education platform that will empower you while empowering others. It will set you up for the future and change your life for the better. 

Download PHILApp today to get started and purchase Philcoin on Bitmart, to grow your individual wealth. 

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