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The Philcoin Weekly Review

We’ve been featured on Yahoo News!

PHILApp updates, releases a Payment Gateway for Users to Quickly Buy Tokens.

We are thrilled to have our new PHILApp featured in one of the leading news sites, Yahoo News! In case you missed our announcement, the new update allows you to buy Philcoin using your credit or debit card directly through the app. Read the awesome coverage here.

PHILApp: Bigger and better than ever before.

The world’s first philanthropic super dApp is now live and it’s more feature-rich than ever. The latest version of PHILApp boasts an abundance of features from an NFT referral program to a newly integrated payment gateway. Download or upgrade your app from the apple store or google play store now!

How to buy Philcoin tokens directly through PHILApp with your debit or credit card

As mentioned earlier, one of the most exciting features is the payment integration that allows you to buy Philcoin directly through PHILApp with your debit or credit card.  It’s super easy and simple to use. Read this blog to know the steps.

Philcoin is designed to support humanitarian and environmental crises around the world!

YouTube sensation and crypto influencer “David in Crypto” shares his views on Philcoin and the newest version of the PHILApp. A proud moment to have influencers such as him recognize our organization.

Follow our CEO Jerry Lopez on Twitter

Our inspirational CEO is on Twitter to share his views on the market, motivational pieces and Philcoin’s whereabouts. Follow him to get the latest while it’s hot.

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