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PHILApp: Bigger and better than ever!

Get ready PHILNation — the world’s first philanthropic super dApp is almost ready to go and it’s more feature-rich than ever. 
 With a userbase of over 250,000 users, the latest version of PHILApp boasts an abundance of features from an integrated payment gateway for you to buy Philcoin with ease to an NFT referral program that rewards users for every successful and verified referral. With more of the utilities listed below, we are certain PHILApp is going to change the way giving happens.

· PHILChat
 A revolutionary messenger system connecting people around the world regardless of their internet connection.

· PHILEducation
 An accredited education platform where users can access free soft skills training and more.

· Referrals
 The Give and Get referral program that rewards each successful and verified referral with an NFT, creating a limitless cycle of giving as users are prompted to donate to unlock their rewards.

· PHILSocial
 A super social app where users can post media, donate to a charity, earn, listen to podcasts and music.

· Staking
 The world’s first ever philanthropic staking mechanism where users get 15% APY on their tokens, keep half and donate half.

· Donations
 A donation platform where users can donate to thousands of charities around the world.

PHILApp’s latest update will also include an integrated payment mechanism, a partnership with Indacoin which allows users to purchase PHL with a credit/debit card.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the movement now by downloading or updating the PHILApp from your Apple or Android store, creating your wallet and purchasing thorough the app.
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