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Philcoin, the world’s first philanthropic blockchain ecosystem, announces their partnership with Indacoin, a leading fiat-to-crypto gateway

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Dubai, November 2022 – Philcoin, the world’s first and only philanthropic ecosystem, announced its global partnership with Indacoin, a British fiat-to-crypto conversion gateway.The partnership will enable millions of credit and debit cardholders to buy $PHL instantly in more than 180 countries. The agreement also includes a seamless integration within Philcoin’s decentralized super app, PHILApp, where Philcoin’s app users can purchase the native token through a simple “Buy now” function.

Philcoin’s philanthropic ecosystem aims to solve two crucial challenges. The first challenge is that one third of the world’s population living in disadvantaged areas does not have adequate access to the Internet. The second challenge is that many people have lost confidence in the traditional charitable space as numerous donations are lost or unaccounted for. Philcoin’s PHILApp is a decentralized app that requires low bandwidth and offers a host of features and products all with a donate-and-earn element to teach people how to give. Built on the blockchain, PHILApp’s transactions are secure, recorded and transparent to help restore people’s faith and confidence in making and receiving donations.

Commenting on the partnership, Jerry Lopez, Founder and CEO of Philcoin said, “I am thrilled about partnering with Indacoin who will provides us access to an even greater audience in over 180+ countries. Moreover, this means we’re better positioned to provide seamless and simplistic services to those anywhere in the world. We have a user base of over 250,000 people across the world through our app and we expect this number to soar with our new partnership. Imagine how much potential that holds when millions of people can use Philcoin, and its donate-and-earn products, to empower themselves while empowering others. This means we are just one step closer to changing the way giving happens!”

Philcoin’s ecosystem includes a social platform, free education courses, the world’s first donate-and-earn staking mechanism, NFT referral rewards, encrypted messenger service and over one thousand charities. Philcoin aims to create the largest global movement of philanthropists. Indacoin’s reach and exposure will help spread the word about Philcoin which, in turn, will help to inspire millions of people to give back.


Philcoin is an award-winning philanthropic movement on the blockchain that aims to create a global interactive ecosystem. Its goal is to turn everyday use of the “Internet of Things” into a lane through which people earn while using products and services. Philcoin pursues its purpose of helping people build a digital economy while chatting, watching TV, playing video games, educating themselves, and shopping while closing the inequality gap.

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Indacoin is a pioneer fiat-to-crypto gateway with Visa and Mastercard processing globally. The company has been operating since 2014 and its primary focus lies in developing anti-fraud software, which has enabled millions of users worldwide to quickly and safely buy cryptocurrencies. Indacoin is one of the most prominent players in the crypto community that provides risk-free transactions for more than 100 partners.

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