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The Weekly Review

With another fantastic week coming to a close, we hope you haven’t missed out on the latest updates. Here’s a quick recap of everything that went down in the last week at Philcoin.

Empowerment Of Women In The Crypto Industry

In this exclusive interview, Rosalinda Rivera, discusses her work with Philcoin and her views on the lack of representation of women in the crypto industry. As you know, our Executive Director is all about woman empowerment, and Rosalinda offers some great advice for business owners looking to get into crypto. 

NFT 101: A beginner’s guide

It’s no secret that NFTs have become a dominant force in world of crypto, art and gaming. NFTs (non-fungible tokens) hit the headlines recently when an artist named Beeple sold a digital image collage for $69 million. Read this blog to understand more on the hype.

Crypto and creating a legacy

In our latest episode, Mr PHILCrypto chats to Tim English, one of Philcoin’s senior brand ambassadors. He shares with us his journey from the financial services industry to the world of crypto. He touches on current market conditions and how crypto impacts future generations. Give it a listen!

Stake it ‘til you make it 2.0

Relaunching soon

We are thrilled to announce we are going to be relaunching our staking in the coming days! We thank you for your patience while we make our staking mechanism better and bolder than before.

Join our Turkish Telegram community

Merhaba PHILNation! If you’re looking for Philcoin updates in Turkish, join our Telegram community. Our community managers are looking forward to welcoming you to the conversation

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