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The Weekly Review

Wohoo! What a week It has been for our PHILNation. With all the action that was unfolded, we hope you’ve kept up! If not, we gotchu. Here’s a quick recap of everything that went down in the last week at Philcoin.

Women Empowerment in the Crypto Sector

“How to succeed as a female leader in a tough industry”

The blockchain industry is a male-dominated space, and women have had to fight for their place in the industry. While there are more women in crypto than ever, they are still underrepresented among top executives and decision-makers. Here’s what our Executive Director, Rosalinda Rivera, has to say about her experience working in crypto.

16 Crypto terms to know

So you’re new to the crypto space and you’ve been hearing about FUD, WAGMI and other terms. The crypto community is full of acronyms, slang terms and unusual phrases but what do they mean? Where can you find a glossary of terms to get you started? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Latest webinar recordings

If you weren’t able to make our webinars yet, here are the recordings. You’ll hear from our amazing Philcoin team on how to get into crypto, which exchanges to start on, and more.

Join our Spanish Instagram and Facebook

Did you know we have our own Spanish Instagram and Facebook pages? If you’re from the Spanish community, you’ll get all the latest information in your native language! 

Thoughts and prayers to those affected by Hurricane Ian!!

To those affected by Hurricane Ian, please stay safe and indoors. Our Philcoin family holds you all in our thoughts and prayers.

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