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The moment you’ve all you been waiting for!

Our rewards program is live

Now, you can finally donate and redeem your rewards by 1. Completing your KYC and creating your wallet 2. Referring friends. Remember, your rewards are only earned once your friends complete their KYC and create their wallet too. Since it’s a rewards program that teaches you how to give, please donate first before you can access your rewards. Remember to have BNB for the gas fees and the latest version of PHILApp. Happy earning!

How can I earn rewards from Philcoin?

Following on from our massive announcement of the rewards program going live, read this blog to know the exact steps to take to get the rewards you deserve. Thank you to our amazing community for sharing Philcoin with the world!

Watch Philcoin Co-Founder, Dunstan Teo’s interview on Oz Living

If you want to know a little more about the crypto OG himself, watch this video. You’ll learn how he got into crypto, how miners work, who Philcoin is, the role of crypto in philanthropy, and more. It’s not to be missed!

Last night’s webinar recordings

During our last webinar, our brand ambassadors walk you through the easy process of how to buy Philcoin. Watch the videos here in English and Spanish, to understand a little more about crypto and the world of Philcoin.

Bear markets are the greatest buying opportunities — here’s why

In a bearish market, cryptos are generally cheaper than ever, providing opportunities for people to buy their desired crypto at a discounted price. Read more on it here, along with expert insights from Philcoin’s Co-Founder, Dunstan Teo.

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