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What the press said about Philcoin in August

With another hot month coming to a close, here’s a review of what the media had to say about Philcoin in August. With the launch of the first of its kind “Staking Mechanism”, you can now earn up to 15% APY on your staked tokens! Which, in case you missed it, was posted about in a this blog. There, you can learn more about staking Philcoin and a get insight into what staking is in general.

We’re thrilled our staking mechanism was also spoken about in the media. Read about it below, along with some other major publications we were mentioned in.

How cryptocurrency could help tackle global income inequality

Cointelegraph spoke about how cryptocurrency can help close the income inequality gap and level the playing field by providing easier access to payment solutions and financial tools. Crypto is proving to be a currency that is resistant to inflation, a major reason fuelling its global adoption.  

Philcoin Announces PHL Staking With a 15% Donate-and-Earn APR

Investing.com spoke about Philcoin’s staking program that allows global crypto users to earn attractive interest while making donations, a concept designed to create wealth for everyone. Users who stake PHL will receive an interest of 15% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on top of the principal amount initially locked up. Users keep half and donate the other half to a charity of their choice.
Why Developing Countries Are Looking to Adopt Crypto as Their Legal Tender

Bitcoinist dived deeper into how cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology allows people to participate in the financial ecosystem by giving them access to fast and low-cost digital cash that can be spent anywhere. This technology aims to serve the unbanked and under-banked. They also touched on how major nations are increasingly adopting crypto as their national currency.

Leading Web3 Apps That Make The World a Better Place

Techbullion curated a list of Web3 apps that will make world better by empowering people everywhere in the world. These apps make lives easier and provide greater access to data, while giving power back to the people. Philcoin ranked in the top 3 of this list.

People’s Coin Philcoin (PHL) Unlocks New Opportunities in Bear Market

Whilst most projects in the space are busy building new blockchain networks and utility for their tokens, some projects are focused on the philanthropic side of the coin. This article examines Philcoin’s social mission and how It is striving to make a difference in todays society.

Why Financial Independence Starts with Bringing Communities Together

Coinfomania stressed about how financial inclusion is still a big challenge across developing nations and how crypto helps connects these marginalized communities to the entire world. This solution provides many alternatives for people to grow their money through staking, lending, and borrowing.

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