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The Weekly Review

With another fantastic week coming to a close, we hope you haven’t missed out on the latest updates. Here’s a quick recap of everything that went down in the last week at Philcoin.

Philcoin BIG news

Who’s ready for our most exciting webinar yet? Join our Exec Team live on Zoom to hear all about the game-changing ways you can earn Philcoin. We’re about to shoot the lights out – and you’ve got front-row tickets to the action. Register now to secure your place!

Which crypto wallet should I use?

Crypto is changing the way we think about and work with money. But with so many types of crypto wallets, it can be difficult to decide on which one suits your needs. In this blog, we break down the different types of wallets and how to use them.

Webinar recording

During our last webinar, Executive Director, Rosalinda Rivera, takes PHILNation through the different crypto wallets, how to stake and earn rewards and how to purchase Philcoin on MEXC. Plus, she shares tips on how to build your wealth for generations to come.

Cripto 101 (Spanish)

Si desea aprender cómo empezar en el mundo de las criptomonedas y saber cómo comprar Philcoin, únase a nosotros en este seminario web. ¡Nuestros embajadores de marca, Carlos Rivera y Yoel Ramírez le mostrarán lo fácil que es comenzar!

Join our Thai Telegram community!

We’re taking the world by storm – and now we’re proud to announce our Thai community on Telegram. If you want to hear the latest Philcoin updates in your language, join the community today.

Cómo puedo empezar a usar cripto?

En este episodio, nos sumergimos en cómo comenzar con las criptomonedas y cómo Philcoin está cerrando la brecha entre blockchain y la filantropía, marcando el principio de una nueva economía de donaciones.  Nuestro anfitrión, Ennio Emmanuel, conversa con el embajador de la marca Yoel Ramírez y su criptoamiga, Arelys.

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