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PHILCast is one of the latest crypto podcasts to reach your ears. Hosted by Mr PHILCrypto, Ennio Emmanuel, PHILCast takes listeners on a fascinating journey through the world of crypto, philanthropy and technology providing a 360 view of how crypto is changing lives and industries.

In case you’ve missed the weekly episodes, here’s a snapshot of what’s been covered. Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out on what’s to come

How Philcoin is changing the way giving happens

Listen to how Philcoin began and how it’s bridging the gap between blockchain and philanthropy, marking a genesis of a new economy of giving. Our host, Ennio Emmanuel, chats to our Co-Founder, Dunstan Teo, and Executive Director, Rosalinda Rivera, about our mission, vision and team. It’s an inspiring look into how crypto can change the lives of millions across the world, and how Philcoin is at the forefront of making that happen.

Building wealth and opportunity in South Africa

 In this episode we touch on the elephant in the room – the current crypto winter and seek the expertise of Philcoin’s Co-Founder, Dunstan Teo who explains why crypto winters happen and how they offer opportunities instead of challenges. Next, we discuss Africa and why it’s the fast-growing crypto adopter among developing nations. Philcoin’s brand ambassador, Dr Matt Bismark then moves on to talk about Philcoin’s activation in South Africa – its purpose, opportunities and community-building objectives.

How blockchain is changing philanthropy

Hear why Mr PHILCrypto gets “lost in the sauce” as he talks to the ever-inspiring Dr Israel Pena, Philcoin’s Chief Ambassador Officer. He shares how the traditional challenges of the philanthropic space are ready for change – and how blockchain can facilitate that. It’s a moving episode that shows us the immense opportunities that lie ahead for philanthropy and blockchain, and how the pioneers are bringing those opportunities to life. 

How blockchain challenges traditional social issues

Mr PHILCrypto chats to Carlos Rivera, one of Philcoin’s original brand ambassadors. He shares his philanthropic journey and how his charitable organization challenges the problem of addiction worldwide, whilst leveraging blockchain. He touches on the importance of educating yourself with various investment tools and overcoming scepticism in today’s financial markets.

It’s a gripping episode that shows the immense opportunities that lie ahead for philanthropy and blockchain, and how the pioneers are bringing those opportunities to life. 

Why are millennials moving into the crypto space?

In this episode, Mr PHILCrypto gets up close and personal with Philcoin’s Chief Marketing Office (CMO): Tatum April & Chief People Office (CPO): Denis Murphy. They touch base on Philcoin’s culture, how they got started and some impactful advice for the youth, who are looking to take their first steps into the world of Blockchain. It’s a human look into the world of crypto and why the youth are so excited to get on board! 

Como puendo empezar a user crypto?

En este episodio, nos sumergimos en cómo comenzar con las criptomonedas y cómo Philcoin está cerrando la brecha entre blockchain y la filantropía, marcando el principio de una nueva economía de donaciones. Nuestro anfitrión, Ennio Emmanuel, conversa con el embajador de la marca Yoel Ramírez y su criptoamiga, Arelys. Es una mirada inspiradora sobre cómo las criptomonedas pueden cambiar la vida de millones de personas en todo el mundo y cómo Philcoin está a la vanguardia para que eso suceda. There you have it – the low-down on PHILCast, one of the newer podcasts to hit playlists! There’s tons more to come along with new exciting guests every week so make sure to hit subscribe.

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