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What the press said about Philcoin in July?

Here’s a round-up of our media coverage in July!

We’re firm believers that what others say about us is worth more than what we can say about ourselves. July was an exciting month for Philcoin as we launched in South Africa to much fanfare at an event with over 12,500 people and broadcast across 28 countries. We were overwhelmed by South Africa’s spirit of “ubuntu” (which means humanity) and were humbled by the eager minds who were ready to learn more about crypto and its potential to change the world.

Later in July, we also announced our first-of-its-kind staking mechanism that’s designed to create wealth for you, and wealth for the world. Which, in case you missed it, was posted about in a previous blog. Here, you can learn more about staking Philcoin and a little more on what staking is in general.

So here’s what the press said about our South African launch, staking mechanism and Philcoin as a project.

This Blockchain Project Is Revolutionizing The Way We Share And Access Data

Use the Bitcoin spoke about Philcoin revolutionizing the data economy to make it more accessible to people across the globe. Philcoin’s platform helps in the formation of a global interactive ecosystem that brings together the use of IOT (Internet Of Things), social media, digital education so as to devise a web of information that is easy to access and utilize.

Four Crypto Projects With a Social Purpose to Keep An Eye on

Cryptomode spoke about blockchain’s impact transcending major industries and improving social sustainability in and of itself. This article examines the top cryptocurrency projects with a social mission and how blockchain innovation is truly making a difference

Philcoin Held One of the Biggest Crypto Adoption Events in South Africa

Yahoo Finance published Philcoin’s South African event calling it “one of the biggest crypto adoption events” in the country. Considering the growing role of cryptocurrencies in different economies, especially those in Africa whose local currencies have been decimated from the effects of COVID-19 and runaway inflation, holding cryptocurrencies, including PHL, can be a means of safeguarding value.

4 Crypto Charity Projects That Are Working to Improve the World

Whilst most projects in the space are busy building new blockchain networks, Defi protocols, games, and metaverses, other projects are focused on trying to tackle issues facing the world and the people who inhabit it. Hackernoon looks at four different cryptocurrency projects with philanthropic values, including Philcoin.

Philcoin Held One of the Biggest Crypto Adoption Events in South Africa

Macro statistics in South Africa point to high unemployment rates of over 34 percent. In light of this worrying data, Philcoin aims to create a means for users to earn while transacting. By meeting with various influencers in South Africa and Africa, the team plans to empower youth in the country and the continent, allowing them to take charge. Blockmagnates highlighted Philcoin’s South Africa event and the wealth generation opportunities we aim to bring to the country.

While the crypto markets are navigating the crypto winter, Philcoin is proud to be consistently innovating and bringing new solutions to the fore. It’s been a jam-packed month in July and we look forward to updating you on even more features and products coming soon in August. To the moon!

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