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The Weekly Review

Wohoo! What a week It has been for our PHILNation. With all the action that was unfolded, we hope you’ve kept up! If not, we gotchu. Here’s a quick recap of everything that went down in the last week at Philcoin.

Philcoin’s first-of-its-kind staking rewards – NOW LIVE! Catch everything there is to know about the staking mechanism and earning passive income with our blogs below.

What is staking?

So we’ve announced our staking mechanism – but what is staking? Read this blog for a simple explanation on what it is, how it works and what it can do for your wealth.

The future is ours For the staking

Earn up to 15% APR on your tokens – you get 7.5% and you give 7.5% to charity. Download PHILApp, create your wallet and click PHL Earn to get started. Read our blog for more.

Hot off the press

“Philcoin’s Co-Founder, Dunstan Teo, discussed crypto winter, blockchain technology and philanthropy” Read all about the article here.

Crypto Daily, a blog site with over 1.5 million visitors a month, recently interviewed our Co-Founder and Bitcoin OG, Dunstan Teo for his expert insights on the blockchain world.

How to purchase Philcoin

In case you missed our recent webinar, here’s the recording. Learn how to purchase Philcoin in English or Spanish so you can join our global giving movement.

How blockchain challenges traditional social issues

Listen to our latest podcast featuring our host, Mr Philcrypto, and Carlos Rivera, our brand ambassador. Hear Carlos’s thoughts on blockchain and how it’s helping heal the world.

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