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The hidden meaning behind Philcoin’s logo

There’s more to the brand than meets the eye.

We’ve often spoken about our name, Philcoin, which bridges philanthropy and blockchain. Now, we’re taking you on a deeper dive into the meaning behind our logo. We’ve taken inspiration from the rune symbols of the Old Germanic alphabet — the Wunjo “P” and Kenaz “C” — and here’s why.

Wunjo signifies happy times — in new partnerships and new beginnings. However, this happiness comes to those who work for it. It represents close companionship with others, rather than a solitary experience and acts as a reminder to put out joyful energy to the universe in order to receive it yourself. This rune inspired our tag line “Unity with a Purpose”.

Kenaz is literally translated as the torch. It is the rune of the night, of inspiration. It represents knowledge and intellect, and the quest to seek these. Inspiration and knowledge will pave the way for success especially when people realize their purpose and reason for being.

Together, these rune symbols have been crafted into our logo to symbolize Philcoin’s vision to create a global philanthropic community. Through our partnerships, teams and communities; we can seek to change the world and positively impact the lives of others. We are truly grateful for the support we have received so far, and in such a short space of time. The journey has just begun and we’re excited about what the future holds for us all.

Thank you to everyone for your patience, faith and encouragement as we change the way giving happens. “Philcoin TO THE MOON”!

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