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Let’s talk tokenomics and token utility

Days before launch, Philcoin is about to disrupt the philanthropic scene. Here’s how.

Philcoin is an award-winning, disruptive philanthropic movement on the blockchain solely focused on giving back. We have a global community of philanthropists around the world and access to 100 million people through our brand ambassadors. Hailed “The People’s Coin”, Philcoin provides the means for people to donate to the causes and charities they are most passionate about.

We are the official cryptocurrency partner of the SDG Impact Fund and together we will be achieving the UN’S 17 Sustainable Development Goals. To explain the problems our partnership will be solving, Tony Suber, Executive Chairman of SDG Impact Fund says, “Imagine a humanitarian crisis happens in the world — a typhoon, drought, earthquake, pandemic or war — how would you be able to help from a different part of the world? There’s no easy way to donate in an emergency, no single platform that exists for the sole purpose of helping those in need on a global scale and certainly not in the crypto space. This is the gap Philcoin and the SDG Impact Fund are looking to fill, together.”

Launching to much fanfare on 11th, March, 2022, our token will be available to the public by purchasing it on PHILApp or through platform partners which will be announced daily on social media.

So let’s have a look at the tokenomics…

There will be 5,000,000,000 PHL tokens in total. The supply will be distributed in multiple phases scheduled at different dates and for different purposes. The allocation is as follows:

What is the token utility?

1. Peer-to-peer transactions

Users will be able to send Philcoin to friends and family instantly.

2. Wealth generation (buy and hold)

Philcoin’s value is determined by supply and demand. With a global community reach of over 100 million, the demand for Philcoin is expected to drive up its price exponentially, providing a lucrative and rewarding experience for those who buy and hold.

3. Donating to charities

Philcoin can be used to instantly donate to the charities and causes you’re most passionate about. With a simple click of a button through our app or website, you can help those in need.

4. Paying of utility and government

Philcoin’s numerous brand ambassadors include government representatives who look to Philcoin as a means to bring wealth to developing nations. In the near future, community members will be able to pay their utility and government bills using Philcoin.

5. Paying for premium services on PHILApp

Our app includes a revolutionary messenger service that rivals the world’s biggest players. Users will be able to upgrade their services to access group chats of 1 million users, group calls of 1 million users and unlimited file transfers using our token.

Download PHILApp from your App or Android store today to create your non-custodial wallet and purchase Philcoin on 11 March 2022! For more information or stay updated, follow us on our social media channels: https://linktr.ee/philcoin

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