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Philcoin welcomes world-renowned celeb pastor, international author and executive coach to their brand ambassador team

The team now spans the globe from Australia to the US.

Over recent weeks, Philcoin’s powerful brand ambassador team has welcomed three new influential members — and they’re helping to spread the word about our philanthropic movement in Australia and the United States.

Together, the brand ambassador team is mobilizing their communities to change the way giving happens. Through their religious, indigenous and executive ecosystems; we are able to amplify our reach to ensure Philcoin truly becomes the people’s coin.

Here are the latest members we are proud to be partnered with:

Dr Joseph Mattera from the US

Author, consultant & scholar

Dr. Joseph Mattera is an internationally known author, consultant, and scholar whose mission is to influence leaders who influence nations. He leads several organizations including The United States Coalition of Apostolic Leaders, Resurrection Church of NY, and Christ Covenant Coalition. He has a DMin. from Baake University, THD from Antioch University, and was a PhD candidate with the Oxford Centre for Missions.

Rich Wilkerson from the US

Celeb pastor & author

Rich Wilkerson has been in full time Christian service for nearly 50 years. He has travelled more than three million air miles preaching around the world. During the 80s he spoke in over 1700 Public High Schools in the US and Canada to over 1.5 million students. He has authored 6 books including his latest “I Choose Honor” Charisma House. During his pastoral ministry, his team has raised close to $70 million in government funding to assist those who are disenfranchised in some way in Dade County.

David Balestri from Australia

Executive coach & global futurist

David Balestri is an elite level executive coach to CEOs and entrepreneurs. He is a sought-after organisational consultant and global futurist. David is an advisor and mentor to national civic and faith-based leaders in human development and entrepreneurship. He lives in Sydney Australia, with his four children and three grandchildren.

We are incredibly excited about our growing brand ambassador team — and their passionate communities who all want to change the world for the better. With the current state of the world, humanitarian support is more essential than ever — and many people want to leave a mark on the world however they can.

Thank you to our brand ambassadors, corporate team and communities for being part of this journey which will see millions of lives positively impacted.

Join this growing movement by following our social channels: linktree.com/philcoin

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