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How Philcoin amplifies its reach within religious and indigenous communities

Philcoin has seen rapid-fire growth across the world. In just a few weeks, the community has reached over 100,000 members, and it continues to grow. Part of Philcoin’s mission is to reach even the most remote corners of the globe; it’s an ambitious goal and we know we cannot achieve alone.

We are proud to be partnered with powerful and influential leaders of religious and indigenous communities, as well as a leading IRS registered not-for-profit organization. These heads have provided Philcoin access to over 100 million people across religious groups, remote regions and local communities.

With the help of these brand ambassadors, Philcoin is able to penetrate communities it previously would not have access to. These ambassadors share the same values we do: to help neutralize global wealth and provide relief to those in need. At present, they fall under one of two categories — religious and indigenous.

Brand ambassadors for religious communities:

Chief Joseph “AmaHura” RiverWind, Arawak Taino Peace Chief

Chief Joseph RiverWind is a Taino Peace Chief and Ambassador of the Descendants of Puerto Rico’s First Nations. He is a voting member of the National Congress of American Indians in Washington D.C. an honourably discharged Army Veteran, and holds a degree in Information Technology, a B.A. in Social Sciences, and a Masters in Biblical Studies. He is a NAMMY winning musician and recipient of the Minority Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

For over 30 years, Chief RiverWind has educated the public about indigenous issues and culture, as well as leading many philanthropic endeavors within native communities. He and his wife founded FireKeepers International, a non-profit that teaches traditional, indigenous survival skills, preserves herbal knowledge and feeds the hungry. He has a heart for seeing indigenous communities worldwide thrive and grow in independence and financial sustainability.

Dr. Laralyn RiverWind

An Indigenous advocate and bridge-builder. She has a broad-base of experience in educational leadership, public speaking, media relations, diplomacy, and international humanitarian activities. She has been doing philanthropic work in indigenous communities since her youth.

Brand ambassador for NGOs and ministries:

Israel Peña, Ph.D., LCPC

Dr. Apostle Israel Peña is an innovative and thriving entrepreneur holding counseling services in 2 offices in NYC. Having secured 2 PhDs in clinical counseling and ministry, Dr Peña is beloved amongst his clients for the creative nature by which he administers his services.

Furthermore, Dr. Apostle Israel Peña is a professor at Boricua College where he teaches Human Services for their Master’s Program. He is also a professor of World Religion at New York Theological Seminary. Additionally, he serves as Senior Pastor of The Flow Kingdom Ministries located in Bronx, NY, a 501c3 nonprofit organization and overseer of churches in NY, NJ, CT & Florida.

His vision is to help bring together religious organizations around the world to understand the power behind giving back through blockchain, and how religious groups can diversify their giving back, while being educated and communicating through our products and services.

Philcoin will be announcing new brand ambassadors over the coming weeks as we look to increase our global reach, so keep your eyes open for future updates. Thank you to our community who’s supported us this far — we are so excited about our upcoming launch!

For more information or stay updated, follow us on our social media channels: https://linktr.ee/philcoin

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