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Philcoin reaches over 36,000 app downloads and 80,000 community members weeks before officially launching

Philcoin is an award-winning philanthropic movement in the blockchain with a purpose to give back while people transact. We’ve been awarded Social Impact Project of the Year at AIBC in Malta and hand-selected as the first digital currency in partnership with the SDG Impact Fund. Together, we are supporting the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Scheduled to officially launch in Q1 2022, we are overwhelmed by the community’s response to our project. In just a few weeks of launching our app and social channels, we have over 36,000 app downloads and a community of over 80,000. At this rate, we anticipate a community of over 100,000 before the end of January and over 70,000 app downloads. Spanning Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and the USA, we are thankful for the global support we’ve received.

In response, Jerry Lopez, Founder and CEO of Philcoin said, “We are beyond grateful for all the support we’ve received across the globe. It’s clear there’s no better time to give back, especially after this period where many have reassessed their lives and purpose. I cannot wait to see how far we can grow this community once we officially launch and to see how we can change the world, together.”

Philcoin embodies the human side of blockchain. It recognizes that the power of technology is only as great as the people behind it. Launching Q1 2022, you can join the movement today by visiting linktree.com/philcoin and downloading PHILApp on your Google Play or App store.

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