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PHILCOIN — The People’s Coin

Philcoin is a philanthropic movement in the blockchain whose purpose is to establish a global Interactive Ecosystem where the daily use of IOT “Internet Of Things”, Social Media, Television, means of communication, become a rail where people can earn while they use our products and services.

Given our history of humanitarian support and endeavours, Philcoin’s purpose is to give back while people transact in blockchain.


The Crypto space business leaders are yet to focus on a crucial element of ‘Impact’ and how those who have already achieved success and continue to grow in prosperity, can give back to those less fortunate in the world.

The third world continues to struggle not only financially, but with access to even the most basic technology. Those in the underdeveloped world currently do not have the ease of such technology we might take for granted.


Philcoin has created an ecosystem that is designed to redirect wealth and is hailed as “The People’s Coin”. We endeavour to reach all corners of the world through the decentralized nature of blockchain and support those who are less privileged, particularly in the third world.

We have created an app using Prime technology, where users can chat, message and more, whilst getting paid to do so. Every time they use the app, they stake Philcoin, meaning the more they chat, the more they earn.

Philcoin has been grandfathered into DAF (Donor Advised Fund). Each time someone transacts with Philcoin on the blockchain, 1$ goes directly to the DAF. Additionally, Philcoin has been hand-selected as the only digital currency attached to the STG Fund, who are supporting the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

For more information or stay updated, follow us on our social media channels: https://linktr.ee/philcoin

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